Wednesday 12 October 2011

Best 10 Google + tools



Now there is a extension called Google+Facebook that allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+. Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab.



G+ Count in Title

Places the Google+ notification count in parenthesis in the document title located in the page tab. While you are viewing pages in other tabs, you can see how many notifications you have in Google+. The count is placed at the beginning of the title so that it can still be seen when the title is long, such as when you are viewing a profile. If you pin the tab or, depending on the size of your window, have a lot of tabs open then this extension is useless.





Google+Tweet integrates a full featured twitter client inside your Google Plus Account! A full featured twitter client for Google+! View your timeline, url shortening, photo sharing and more.




Tweets +1

Adds the Google +1 Button to (aka New Twitter). This extension lets you +1 tweets directly from Twitter, plus see how many other +1′s a tweet has received!




Facebook Friend Exporter

Get your data contact out of Facebook, whether they want you to or not. You gave them your friends and allowed them to store that data, and you have right to take it back out! Facebook doesn’t own my friends.




GPlus+ Search

Search Public GPlus Content, Social Search , Makes Searching Your Stream Easy.





G+me is a Google Chrome browser extension that enhances the Google+ web application  to unlock the potential of its real-time updates and make it much easier to process a large stream of incoming posts and comments.




+1 Plus One Extension

This extension let you +1 any web page. Just simple as one click.




Helper for Google+

Add extra functions the Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts. Share Posts via twitter. Translate posts with Google Translate. Bookmark posts faster for reading later (also to Linked #hash tags. Search in posts and profiles directly from your Omni box.




 +Photo Zoom

+Photo Zoom is a simple extension providing fast and simple zooming for photos within your Google+ Stream. Just hover over the image you wish to zoom and +Photo Zoom will load the enlarged version of the picture.


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