Thursday 22 September 2011

Key Features of BlogOverdrive


BlogOverdrive is a property rich, state-of-the-art internet-based software application that fully automatic process of posting and reformatting RSS provender to almost any blog for the intention of adding applicable content to your website or blog. The characteristics built into all BlogOverdrive accounts allow you absolute control of the content that is posted to your blogs considering formatting and back links. Both beginner and adept webmasters can successfully utilize BlogOverdrive due to its quantifiable of features.

Informing Equipment is Casual and Facilitated

  • Works from any web browser with an internet connection.
  • No ascents or software flecks are ever necessary.
  • No software to download or install.

Easy going Blog Set-up

  • BlogOverdrive can accession and post to almost any of the popular blogging software including WordPress, Blogger (new & old), Live Journal, Windows Live Spaces, Nucleus, b2evolution and many others!
  • It will check blog admittance to determine correct log in details were entered.
  • Customized log in fields for each blog software type.
  • It will regain all the categories within each of your blogs.
  • It will also post RSS feeds to email which is an additive posting option for most blogging software.

Flexible RSS Activities

Reformat your RSS feed to use BlogOverdrive's system of substitution that feeds search word with one of keywords you uploaded.

Any RSS feed can be refined by BlogOverdrive. This considers major search engines, news groups, auction sites, industry specific sites and many more.

  • Choose the URL location from the following: Above Results, Blow Results or Stochastic.
  • You can use the RSS Title for the Post Title.
  • You are also choose the URL type craved for each feed from the following: None, Redirect, Normal, Commendation or Stochastic.
  • Set the number of results you hope each time BlogOverdrive processes that RSS feed.
  • Input URL attributes like rel="nofollow", target="_blank" or any other standard URL attributes.

Blogging Features and Posting Powers

  • Absolute control over how often BlogOverdrive posts to your blog.
  • If you want to choose your keyword back linked to a URL, bold,capitalized and reformatted from the following choices: No or Yes; and if Yes then select from: First Case, Last Case, Haphazard Case, Every Other Case, Every Third Case or Every Case. For example of reformatting might be to change the color of the keyword to green. Your keyword will be green.
  • There are even a specific functionality to start or end each post with any text you want or add text to replace the post title.
  • If you want to post each time, BlogOverdrive runs, which is about 2,000 posts per 24 hour period.
  • There is a special functionality to post xx times per xx days. As an example, you could set this to post 10 times per 1 day, 15 times per 7 days or 12 times per 2 days.
  • There is also another option would be to post at a special time each day.

Variable Keyword Controls

  • You can choose to use keywords in chronological sequence or haphazardly.
  • There are option to add an bottomless number of keywords.
  • You can choose to reset your keywords automatically or manually after they all have been used.
  • You can also choose to delete all of your keywords at any time.
  • There are keywords can be added by cut and paste method or file upload method.

Posting and Preview

  • There is also a feature to automatically "Post Now" which is useful to see the actual results on your blog.
  • You have the feature to preview your post. It's benefit is that you can see the awesome settings of yours and how your post will look on your blog.

Benefits of the key from using BlogOverdrive

You will zest the following benefits when you use BlogOverdrive

Move the content that is visual amplifier targeted.

  • Our tool increase the number of your website pages scaled by the major search engines
  • We built the website that turn on autopilot
  • It will increase your Alex a Rating
  • It increase your rank in Google Page Rank
  • It increase sales of your services and commodities
  • It increase the magnitude of traffic to your website
  • It increase the superior quality of traffic to your website
  • It increase your commissions from associate systems
  • It increase your Google Ad sense grosses
  • It increase your rankings on the major search engines


How you can increase your Websites Search Engine Rankings

Create a blog within your main website and use BlogOverdrive to post to that blog and back link marked keywords to different keyword related pages of your main website.

How you can get higher Google Page Rank for your Main Website

Create blogs on several domains different from your main website. Use BlogOverdrive to post to these blogs and that back link to your main website.

How make money with Affiliate Commissions

Join one of the many quality affiliate programs available and use BlogOverdrive to post articles related to the affiliate programs’ product or service and then use your affiliate link as the back link.   As you can see, there are many uses for BlogOverdrive depending on what you are trying to accomplish and in many cases you can combine these strategies to get multiple benefits.

How you make money from Google Ad sense

Create a blog with your Google Ad sense code in the model and use BlogOverdrive to post to that blog with your reference point keywords.

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