Thursday 22 September 2011

Updates Scheduler for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

1.  HootSuite

Social Media Dashboard

Spread Messages

Update multiple networks in one step, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and



Social on the Go

Compose and converse on the go using mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad and more



Track Results

Review success in real-time with click-through statistics and easy report exporting


Team Collaboration

Manage multiple contributors and share data and access without sharing passwords


Custom Interface

Work efficiently with social streams, tabs, and columns -- plus a choice of design themes


Assign Tasks

Fine-tune your team by delegating messages and monitoring responses and progress


Scheduled Updates

Optimize delivery by choosing the best time and date to reach your audience



Feel comfortable with language localization in Japanese, French and Italian (more languages to come)


Monitor Mentions

Gather intelligence by tracking mentions of your brand, industry, or search terms


Secure Profile

Additional protection for Enterprise teams when posting to corporate social profiles from both web and mobile accounts


Report Builder

Build custom Social Analytics reports, or choose from a variety of pre-made templates. Choose from over 30 report modules




LaterBro,while simultaneously updating Twitter, you can schedule Facebook status updates. The service is as bare bones as it gets, simply allowing you to schedule updates. Using the LaterBro, disadvantage is that status updates are limited to 140 characters, even though Facebook status updates do allow you 420 characters per update. While you can’t add images to your updates, you can include links, and LaterBro has a native url shortener. Updates can be scheduled every fifteen minutes, and you can also schedule certain updates to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.



TweetDeck allows you to schedule updates to its supported social networks, including Facebook. When updating your Facebook status on TweetDeck, click the clock icon next to the button marked Send.




With Chrome TweetDeck and up, you are able to set notifications for various columns. By default, only the Me and Inbox columns will have notifications set. You can easily add notifications to your custom columns.Simply, click the wrench icon in the top right of a column and you will be presented with column customisation options like the picture below (picture 2). You can set notifications to appear by selecting the 'Popup' option, and then clicking 'Done'. You can also have an audible alert for each column, if you enable the 'Sound' option.


  • Due to some Google Chrome bugs, there may be a un-maximise issue with TweetDeck on Windows, when clicking the reply button in a notification - there is a bug logged with google here:
  • Notification sound may not play in Chrome Dev Channel build (Possible Chrome 10.x.x.x bug)

    How does it work?

    The notification itself, gives you many different options. You can:

  • Favourite that Tweet
  • Reply to the original poster (closes the notification and opens a quick reply window)
  • You can close the notification by clicking the x, or the content of the notification.
  • Retweet that Tweet
  • To find the exact Tweet in TweetDeck, simply click on the column name in the notification window (Home).
  • You can view other notifications from Tweets at the same time, by clicking the right and left arrows in the bottom right corner (the number indicates the number of pending notifications)
  • The notification tells you which column the Tweet originates from (bottom left of the screenshot 'Home')                                                                                             

           Picture 1

  • Picture 2


    With SocialTomorrow,you are limited to 10 free updates per month.After granting the site access to your Facebook account, with a free account, you can then schedule Facebook (or Twitter) updates, but the free accounts do have their limits.The design of the site feels very outdated, and there is nothing slick about it. In comparison to the other services listed here, SocialTomorrow does also suffer as far as it’s interface is concerned. That said, if you need a simple way to schedule a limited number of Facebook updates per month, the service will do the trick.



    Hootsuite is a powerful Twitter web client. Using the HooteSuite, Twitter and Facebook client, you can easily schedule Facebook updates. While free accounts cannot schedule updates in bulk, you can still schedule as many updates as you like individually. I was absolutely blown away with the ease to setup and its efficiency to avoid clutter with customizable interface: Multiple columns with naming feature, integrations with multiple social media sites…  More on the features will be covered in future topics but first, we’ll be focusing on its capability to schedule status updates. When creating a new update, click the calendar button, and you can select the exact date and time you want the update to appear, and click OK.

    Why is Hootsuite Powerful?

    Not only it stands alone as a perfect scheduler but as a free Twitter web client, it is capable of delivering updates to various social networking sites. Thanks to its integration with, you can gain access to all the social networks covered by here.

    Hootsuite supports multiple Twitter accounts; enables status updates to be sent to Facebook personal account and Facebook page respectively. It even shows you all the pending status and ability to edit them however, whenever required.

    i) Click ‘Add Social Network’ to include your desired social media profile,

    ii) After authorizing access to these networks, you can schedule status updates at will (synchronize or separately):

    Pending Status Updates for Facebook Page:

    New Status Published on Facebook Page as Scheduled:

    Greeting Scheduler

    The Facebook app Greeting Scheduler takes a different approach to scheduling updates, that isn’t available in the other services listed here.If you’re a forgetful person, or don’t log into Facebook on a daily basis, but don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish a friend a happy birthday, for example, this is the ideal app to use. And of course, you can also use it to schedule your own status updates. Rather than schedule only your own Facebook status updates, it allows you to schedule updates to be posted on friend’s walls.The first step is to determine which friends’ walls you want the message posted on, or if you want to post it to your own wall. After scheduling the date and time, you can then enter the message or status update before going onto the next step.


    Sendible is a management tool. It’s not a Twitter client, neither will it flood your streams with live feeds nor real-time tweets. It’s all in your hands to plan and manage your contacts via all sorts of planner, scheduling and task reminder features available. Since no live streaming involved, you can minus distractions and PC memory consumptions during social media profile setups.

    Sendible has one tiny downside for free account holders: all your tweets will end with ‘via Sendible’ or ‘#Sendible’ for all status updates. In order to eliminate that, you need to pay to upgrade your Sendible account.

    Extra: Interesting find: when my tweet exceeded 140 characters it splitted into multiple tweets. What amazed me was the tag for ‘#sendible’ did not show at all!

    Since I’m all about keeping tweets succinct within 140 characters and avoiding ‘#Sendible’ at all costs, I’ll keep this application at the back seat for the moment.



    SocialOomph (used to be known as Tweetlater), it’s all about boosting productivity online. Unfortunately, in order to integrate Facebook and (for Linkedin) you will need to pay for the upgrading. As for free account holders, you can have all the access you need to schedule tweets/feeds, monitor @mentions, RTs and manage follower list – it’s all Twitter-friendly here in SocialOomph. Even so, you are given the option to choose free trial of 168 hours with Professional account.



    Social tomorrow

    A simple, web application that’s still in Beta version, offering status-updating solely for Twitter and Facebook. Status updates consisted with links will be published alongside with as the default URL-shortener service. After several trials, I found the scheduling worked out fine but might be slightly delayed from the actual timer. For those who have tried this service your feedback is very much welcomed for a more accurate comparisons.




    A web interface for Twitter. More towards business support-customer interaction purposes, one general CoTweet account for multiple Twitter users.View your pending updates and edit them if needed. One impressive feature that beats out existing desktop/web clients is the ability to schedule tweets. If you’re a Tweet-scheduling maniac, here’s a bunch of Twitter applications to choose from.


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