Wednesday 28 September 2011

Top Twitter Tools




allows monitoring of multiple accounts, both on Twitter and Facebook.




allows monitoring of multiple Twitter accounts




Snitter is an application for twittering. It is built on the Adobe AIR platform. Features such as easily viewing recent items, replies, direct messages, views, filtering information and more. Snitter works on both Mac OSX and Windows




For Mac OS




MadTwitter is an application that run on Windows. MadTwitter is based on Twitterrific, which lets you publish your own twits and read twits written by your friends. The best part about MadTwitter is that it is very easy to use. All you have to do is just register an account at Twitter and download MadTwitter.




Spaz is an interesting social media tool that has been written using Javascript, HTML and CSS.
As of now the desktop’s source code is hosted at GitHub and you might not want to use the issue tracker anymore,
but instead file your issues at If you are a developer then you can file issues at




TweetDeck is a Twitter application that interfaces with the Twitter API to allow those who are logged in not only send and receive tweets, but also view other profiles. TweetDeck when compared to other Twitter applications, it is one of the most popular Twitter application.
TweetDeck was bought by Twitter on May 25, 2011




UberMedia has of now acquired TweetMixx. UberMedia is a parent company to social media tools like Echofon, UberSocial, and Twidroyd. UberMedia is run by rock stars who are determined to help
keep rock music live on the planet. As you know TweetMixx is evolving, Mixx Classic has been taken off the internet for some time.




Twitscoop is a Twitter application that allows users not only to send and receive tweets, but perform multiple real time searches simultaneously.
The advantage of having Twitscoop is that it detects the growing trends and monitors specific keywords along with graphs on Twitter. The social media tool also provides an API for third party applications like Tweetdeck.




Splitweet is a Twitter application tool that aids those who use Twitters having multiple Twitter accounts and monitor their blogs.
This in turn allows Twitter users to manage their accounts easily. Those who are from the corporate world will find this social media tool easy to use

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