Friday 28 September 2012

Juergen Teller-Belstaff

The Brands Played On

Dînatoire? What's a dînatoire? It was the question of the night in Milan,with a pair of overlapping dinners celebrating Belstaff's new store andJuergen Teller's latest exhibition The Girl With the Broken Nose.Dînatoire, it turns out, is a fancy word for buffet. But the virtue ofthese parties was their casual,drop-in-and-stuff-yourself-silly-with-prosciutto-and-prosecco vibes. AtDal Bolognese, we learned that Martin Cooper, the man who rebuiltBelstaff with its new owner Harry Slatkin in, oh, about a minute, hasnever, not even once, been on a motorcycle. "If I become a real biker, itmay blow the fantasy," he said. The revelation at the party Moschinohosted for Teller at Da Giacomo Arengario was the photographer's garb.Famous for wearing nylon running shorts everywhere, including to thebrand's fashion show this morning, he was sporting long pants for once.Why? He had his mum with him.
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