Thursday 23 August 2012

Cloud Storage-Samsung-Yandex-Russia

Dropbox-Rival Yandex.Disk Now Preloaded On Samsung Ultrabooks In Russia; Next Stop: The World

Yandex, Russia's biggest search company, today is making two key moves to ramp up Yandex.Disk, its foray into cloud storage services. Today, it is announcing that Samsung will preload Yandex.Disk on to its Series 5 range of Ultrabooks, starting in Russia. And on top of that Yandex is adding English-language support to the service -- an indication that Yandex is now setting its sights on taking Yandex.Disk international.The Samsung deal will see consumers who buy the new Ultrabooks before December 31 get access to 250GB of storage. (The Ultrabooks go on sale this week.) This is a big premium on the regular amount of free storage that Yandex.Disk has been offering users to-date: since the service first launched in April, Yandex has capped free storage at 10GB. read more..

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