Friday 17 August 2012


Sports Night

Opening Ceremony was founded on an Olympics concept—the nations of the world battle it out on its racks for fashion domination—and named for same. And in an Olympic year, the store's gurus, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, with its in-house editor, Rory Satran, launched their own magazine. Its theme was just about a forgone conclusion. What else? Sport: sportswear, sports memories, and sports stars—though, as it turns out, none of the Olympic hopefuls pictured inside actually competed in London. "We have three amazing athletes, and none of them made it," Satran said with a laugh. "That's what you get for putting a magazine to bed before the Olympics." (Bruce Weber, Jessica Craig-Martin, Poppy de Villeneuve, and Theo Wenner are among the debut issue's contributors.)
At the launch dinner for the new magazine at Silkstone, the private event space run by the Fat Radish's Ben Towill and Phil Winser, Satran remembered her first tentative steps into the OC universe, back when she was still a Paris-based editor at Self Service. "I literally showed Carol and Humberto this binder of ideas I had in the middle of a nightclub," she said. "The band was playing; we were in the smoking corner." Magazine wonks unite? "I think we're all nerdy in the same way," she agreed.
Nerdy, maybe; life of the party, also. The crowds came to cheer the magazine out of the gate and take a few swings at the basketball-shaped piñata while they were there. Erstwhile OC collaborator Chloë Sevigny was on hand, topless in a pair of Kenzo overalls. Solange Knowles, with son Julez in tow, eyed the ribbon-twirling rhythmic gymnast who performed after ushering guests to their seats. ("She wanted a solo," Leon shrugged.) "I kind of want to get up there," Knowles said, eyeing the ribbon. "I can figure it out."
She settled for the ring instead of the ribbon, challenging Leon to a hula-hooping contest just before dinner was served. She lost, but she was a good sport about it.
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