Friday 24 August 2012

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Lumify Launches To Stitch Beautiful Short Videos Together On Your iPhone

More and more, people are shooting videos on their phones. But once the video is done, what do they do with it? For most users, those videos sit there, unused and unshared, on the mobile device. A few startups have emerged to help users create more entertaining videos and share them with friends. The latest in this batch is Lumify, which has built an iPhone app that creates awesome 20-second videos that can be quickly and easily uploaded to Facebook.The Lumify iPhone app, which is available on the App Store today, provides one of the easiest ways to automatically edit videos together. All users have to do is pick a few pieces of video from their Camera Rolls, choose to "Lumify" those videos, and pick a soundtrack to run in the background. The app then stitches together a montage of that video goodness. read more..

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