Sunday 29 July 2012

Competitive Cyclist-Physical Therapy-Plastic Surgery-Hindsight-Rearview

Review: Cerevellum Hindsight 35 Rearview Biking Computer

We're very lucky that the creator of the Cerevellum is even alive. Evan Solida was a competitive cyclist until a major accident in 2007 left him unable to ride. After years of plastic surgery and physical therapy, he was able to get back onto his bike and now builds unique cycle designs, does contract work, and just released his first product, the Hindsight 35.This unique device is essentially a rearview monitor and race computer for cyclists. It connects to various sensors using ANT+ wireless technology and a small lens and light combo on the back of the bike gives you a full view of what's coming up behind you in brilliant color. The device also records the scene in five minute bursts and stops recording when you (or your bike) are suddenly interrupted by a collision. In short, it's a way for cyclists to find out what's behind them and, if they run into a spot of bad luck, see who's responsible. read more..

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