Thursday 23 February 2012

The Federal Communications Commission-Techcrunch Gadgets-Wireless Spectrum-Verizon Wireless

Daily Crunch: True Shred

Here are some recent posts from TechCrunch Gadgets: Tabber Adds An LED Light Show To Any Guitar The Tesla Bricking Story? It’s Nonsense Here’s The Epic Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer UltraViolet Hits 800k Digital Media Locker Accounts, Added 50k In The Last Six Weeks Asus To Transformer Owners: “Here Is Your Unlocked Bootloader. Happy Now?” read more..

Groups ask FCC to block Verizon spectrum deals with cable providers

A coalition of advocacy groups wants the Federal Communications Commission to block Verizon Wireless from buying wireless spectrum from cable providers because it believes that two proposed deals would concentrate too much spectrum in the hands of one company. read more..

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