Sunday 26 February 2012

Terry Richardson-Solo Exhibition-Chateau Marmont

Company Town

Ever the showman, Terry Richardson chose Oscar weekend to debut his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Hollywood, meet Terrywood. The exhibition of 25 photographs at L.A.'s OHWOW Gallery captures some of the city's most celebrated sights, landscapes, and still-lifes—just about everything, in other words, except his snapshot-influenced portraits. Not that the celeb-heavy throng that came to celebrate the show and party afterwards at the Chateau Marmont seemed to mind—most had already been snapped by the lensman, anyway. Tom Ford, James Franco, Tyler the Creator, and Richardson partner-in-crime Jared Leto all came for a look. After reconnecting with Rachel Zoe and MOCA's Jeffrey Deitch, China Chow singled out her favorite work on display. "I really like the paparazzi shot with the flashing bulbs because it's so unexpected," she said. Maybe less unexpected than apropos on this particular weekend. As the gallery cleared out, guests and sometime subjects including Pamela Anderson and Lindsay Lohan filed into Bungalow 1 at the Chateau. Life imitated art as guests were greeted with In-N-Out burgers, the subject of one of the photos in the show. Among fellow models May Andersen and Erin Wasson, Frankie Rayder admired the man of the hour for his uncanny ability to get his subjects to let their hair (and frequently, everything else) down. "It's just Terry," Rayder said. "People trust him and he's just really comfortable to be around. It doesn't matter who you are, he makes you feel special in that moment."—Alexis Brunswick read more..

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