Wednesday 28 March 2012

Close Relationship-Sxsw Interactive-Battery Charge

The Real SXSW “Winner” Is The Mophie Juice Pack

So Highlight didn't "win" SXSW, as some tech bloggers had hypothesized, for many reasons. It did however have a close relationship to what eventually ended up winning, as its background GPS turns out to significantly strain iPhone battery life.Even before SXSW, users were reporting notable reduction in battery charge when using Highlight, on average going from two days to one day of use per full charge while the app is running.In the mobile app battleground that is SXSW Interactive, the battery drain was even more pronounced. People crowded round the charging stations some startups had set up. "ABC: Always be charging," was a running joke amongst techies. At some point I even saw a woman at a restaurant using a charger as a scrunchie. read more..

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