Wednesday 14 March 2012

Special Interest Money-South By Southwest-Sean Parker

Sean Parker: Defeating SOPA Was The “Nerd Spring”

You might not often connect Al Gore and Sean Parker, but the pair took the stage together this afternoon at South by Southwest, and they made similar points — that the democratic system has been broken by a flood of special interest money, and that the Internet could be the way to fix it."To the extent that these new mediums and new media are going to have a role in reforming politics, it's going to happen because … those systems will make politics more efficient," said Parker (who, in addition to his more famous roles at Napster and Facebook, is the co-founder of Causes, and also invested in political startups Votizen and NationBuilder). Specifically, he says the Internet could lower the barrier to entry into politics, so people could run effective campaigns without raising vast amounts of money. read more..

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