Wednesday 28 March 2012

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LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman Gives Kiva $1 Million To “Empower Everyone”

"How you build the future is you motivate people to pay attention and act, to improve their circumstances and run their own lives", LinkedIn co-founder and philanthropist Reid Hoffman tells me. That's why his support of microlending platform Kiva's program has a double positive impact. He put up $1 million so 40,000 people could try helping the impoverished via microfinance without spending their own money. They get inspired, while those who receive the microloans can start small businesses and become self-reliant.In an inspiring interview, Reid also told me about how he thinks governments should start microlending, that people need to accept that charities and causes aren't perfect, and the life philosophy he thinks everyone should live by. Be sure to participate in the trials before they run out. read more..

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