Wednesday 14 March 2012

The Merchants-Credit Card-Card Case

Merchants Accepting Square’s Card Case Doubles In Four Months To 40,000

Nearly a year ago, Square introduced us to the next evolution of its payments product—Card Case. For anyone who has used and witnessed the app being used to actually purchase something (I have), the experience is pretty awesome. Basically it's totally seamless, and you walk away feeling that perhaps this is the future of the way people will pay for goods in stores. Except, that Square is doing this now and actually growing in usage. Back in November, Square told us that 20,000 merchants had signed up for Card Case, and four months later that number has more than doubled to over 40,000 businesses using the loyalty and mobile wallet platform.For those of you who are unfamiliar, Card Case is a mobile app (iOS and Android) that you can fill with ‘cards’ of all the merchants they visit and buy from who accept Square. These mobile cards include locations, merchant contact info, coupons, photos, menus, comments and reviews from other customers, order and purchase history and more. The app also allowed you to create a tab at a restaurant under your name without having to pull out cash or a credit card, as the app has your credit card info saved. Square Card Case also includes a merchant discovery feature, that allows you to see a directory of merchants nearby your phone's location as well as a list of the most popular spots that Square customers are frequenting. read more..

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