Thursday 29 March 2012

Retina Display-Ipad

Hack Allows Developers to Start Testing iPad Retina Display in iOS Simulator [iOS Blog]

With a Retina iPad 3 expected just next week, one developer has created a small utility that allows the iPad simulator to run in 2X mode. The utility is available from Ryan Petrich.
In order to run it on the latest version of Xcode, you will need to symlink /Applications/ to /Developer and /Developer4.
Meanwhile, stroughtonsmith shows how his app SameGame looks in the Retina iPad emulator running on his 27" iMac:
Click on image to see full size.
Apple is widely expected to release a Retina-enabled iPad 3 next week at their media event. If rumors are to believed, the iPad 3 should be available within a week or so of the announcement. That would leave developers little time to Retina-ize their current iPad apps if they wait until the day of the announcement. read more..

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