Thursday 10 May 2012


Quora Employee Answers “Why I Declined An Offer To Work At Instagram” On Quora

Here's a heart-warming tale of why you can't second-guess yourself. Robert Cezar Matei had the chance to work for Instagram long-before it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, but followed his passion for knowledge and became the growth hacker for question & answer site Quora instead.This is his answer on Quora (fittingly) for why he declined Instagram, and why he's still smiling. "You make a gut call, then you walk into the future with serenity."Question - Did anyone decline an offer to work at Instagram?Answer - Robert Cezar Matei: "Yeah, I had an offer to be the second engineering hire.Kevin and Mike had grown the team really slowly for their entire history: they'd hired only one engineer, Shayne, until just a few months prior to the acquisition, and they'd only made one other offer before me. Some people didn't take them seriously as a business - it was "just an app", and apps are made by hobbyists. read more..

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