Thursday 3 May 2012

Music Services-Deezer

Better Late Than Never: Deezer Releases APIs To Court Developers In Latest Bid To Catch Up To Spotify

Music streaming provider Deezer is one of the bigger (and older -- it's been around since 2006) services of its kind, with some 20 million registered users in 48 territories, and 15 million tracks in its catalog -- but it has failed to capture mindshare in quite the same way as rival Spotify; and some might argue that this will make it harder in the long run for Deezer to keep up and grow.Today sees the launch of the company's latest attempt to turn that situation around: "Open Deezer," a new set of APIs for iOS, Android and Java-based web apps, which it hopes will help it bring on a new raft of developers to create music services around its platform. read more..

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