Friday 11 May 2012


Saas For Cows! Farmeron Raises $1.4 Million *Seed* To Ease Farmers’ Lives

A lot of people in Silicon Valley are pretty obsessed with organic this and that. One or two startups have looked at the whole connecting-fams-with-consumers-directly model, even. So it's odd that it's taken a startup from little old Croatia to realise that it's the farmers themselves that could use a little help. And let's not be parochial about this. Farming is big business. The 'market' of medium and corporate-size farms around the world is worth a juicy $12 billion - but as of today it's often run on outmoded systems. Thus,, a startup billing itself as one of the world’s first agricultural SaaS companies, plans to change all that. It's closed a $1.4 million seed (one time this word is highly appropriate) round co-led by Lee Hower of NextView Ventures and Jeff Clavier of SoftTech VC.  Other prominent angels - Evan Nisselson of LDV Capital, Niko Hrdy, Taavet Hinrikus - also participated.The funds will be used to hire key management team members and to staff sales and support teams both in US and Europe. read more..

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