Monday 11 June 2012

Mountain Lion

A Visit To The Pre-WWDC Mountain Lion Rumor Mill

Rounding up Mountain Lion rumors is actually quite simple. After all, the OS update has been floating around the developer boards for a while now and while there is no Gold Master available, many of the upcoming features are already detailed and fully baked.Mountain Lion, in short, is Apple's move to add iOS functionality to the laptop and desktop. A convergence of best-of-breed mobile techniques - notifications, do-not-disturb systems, and signed software - and a strong back end, the new OS aims to scratch a few itches rather than change the way we work in a wholesale manner.Mountain Lion is an iterative update. Folks looking for touchscreen laptops and other weirdness are probably going to have to wait. However, we do know quite a bit and it's definitely an update that will make your Mac run a little better and your work a little more efficient. Here are the rumors we've heard about Mountain Lion. If you want a bit of insight into what Mountain Lion will do to your computer right now, check this out while you can read MG's review here. read more..

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