Wednesday 6 June 2012

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thePlatform Goes Mid-Market, Introduces mpx Essentials To Compete With Brightcove And Ooyala

Before Brightcove, Ooyala, or KIT Digital, there was thePlatform: The online video platform was founded in 2000, long before online video was a thing. Since then, thePlatform has been mainly focused on the upper end of the market, helping cable companies, television networks, and other large media players to get their content online and on a number of connected devices.Starting at $499 a month, thePlatform's mpx Essentials offering gives enterprise customers all they need to get up and running and serving video without uploading those videos online. It's actually rolling out two new products for mid-market customers: The $499 plan includes 500 videos and 500 GB of storage, 4,200 GB of streaming bandwidth per year, and features that include auto-transcoding, video clipping and scheduling, geo-restriction, delivery via Akamai, social sharing and YouTube integration. read more..

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