Saturday 18 February 2012

L'wren Scott

Rock of Ages

"I wonder if anyone's going to come?" a PR girl admitted to worrying before the L'Wren Scott dinner at Rose Bar last night, citing fashion week exhaustion and the rain as potential causes for a poor turnout. That would have been a fair concern for both the Scott dinner and the Nur Khan Electric Room concert session taking place across town, except for one thing: When there are rock stars on the bill, the crowds always turn out in full. Amber Heard, Ellen Barkin, Terry Richardson, and Jen Brill were all present and correct when Scott walked in on the arm of Mick Jagger. During cocktails, the Rolling Stone retreated to a corner of the room while Scott made her rounds. "I think the three Es sum up how I'm feeling: enthusiastic, excited, and exhausted," she said, adding one more E to the list: eat. "I had caviar and potatoes at lunch today; then I went home and ate some more." At the bar, Scott's close friend Daphne Guinness was chatting with the artist Walton Ford. After we commented on Guinness' striking ensemble, Ford said, "It's amazing. She's one of those women who will have her bathrobe on when you get to her house and will tell you she'll be ready in five minutes. In five minutes, she comes out dressed like this." To which Guinness remarked, "Oh no, I'm old-school, really. I just don't want to put too much thought into it. If you do that, it doesn't really go well." At that, they were summoned to the dinner table: "I hope I'm seated next to Mick," one guest confessed. Don't we all, honey. Meanwhile, a far less subdued affair was kicking off at Hiro Ballroom, where Guns N' Roses was set to perform as part of Nur Khan's DeLeĆ³n Tequila-sponsored music series. As eager fans including Justin Timberlake, Matt Damon, and Jimmy Fallon started to pour into the smoky room, Khan told us, "I first saw Guns N' Roses play with Metallica. I forget what year, to be honest." When Axl Rose and co. finally took the stage after midnight, it was indeed a jungle, complete with leather bodysuited dancers doing acrobatics from the ceiling, flying tequila shots, and a knock-down-drag-out set that included "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "November Rain."—Kristin Studeman read more..

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