Tuesday 14 February 2012

Singer Whitney Houston-National Mourning-Law Enforcement-Public Safety

How Law Enforcement Uses Social Media for Forensic Investigation

Todd Piett is the chief product officer at Rave Mobile Safety / Smart911.com. He writes about technology trends in public safety and enhanced 9-1-1. Todd is a board member of the NG9-1-1 Institute and is a member of APCO’s Emerging Technology Committee, in addition to holding numerous technology patents. read more..

Whitney Houston death: a moment of national mourning, shared on Twitter

The news that singer Whitney Houston had died on Saturday appeared on Twitter before any so-called regular news outlets, such as the Associated Press or Reuters. Within an hour, some 2.5 million tweets about her passing had filled the digisphere, making it the most-tweeted breaking-news event in the medium’s six-year history. read more..

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