Monday 20 February 2012

Social Network-Service Option-Horrible Place-New Customers-Movies And Tv

Netflix gives new customers DVD-only option again

Despite its commitment to streaming movies and TV, Netflix is offering its DVD-only service option to new customers again, but will it tempt those who have converted to Redbox? read more..

Hooah! US Army strong on Pinterest

It's not enough that Pinterest's traffic has grown 40-fold in 2011's last six months — now it's so irresistible even the U.S. Army has succumbed to the fast-growing addiction. read more..

How Facebook keeps out the porn, gore and hate

The Internet can be a dark and horrible place, on this we should all agree. Yet despite short-lived exceptions, the social network remains a comparatively clean, well-lighted place. Here's why. read more..

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