Thursday 5 April 2012

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Yandex.Disk Wants To Give iCloud, Skydrive and Dropbox A Run For Their Money In Russia

Yandex may be in line to become the default search engine on devices that Apple sells in Russia. But for now it's engaging in a little competition with Cupertino, and others. Today the Russian search giant is launching its own answer to iCloud: a free web-based storage product it's calling Yandex.Disk.Users of Yandex.Disk get up to 10 gigabytes of space that they can use for personal documents, photos, music and videos, and like iCloud and Microsoft's Skydrive the service is aimed specifically at offering storage services that help keep users tied in to the rest of Yandex's portfolio of products. The files can subsequently be accessed from any internet-enabled device. read more..

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