Monday 23 April 2012

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Google Makes Its Big Video Push With AdWords For Video

A couple of weeks ago, early participants in the new AdWords for Video program gathered at the YouTube offices. The ostensible justification for the meeting was a fancy photo shoot, but YouTube executives also gave a little pep talk, laying out their vision to make video advertising available to small businesses. They even let themselves get a little dreamy, imagining a day when video might become as lucrative for Google as search.So what is AdWords for Video? It integrates video campaigns into the AdWords dashboard, where Google's search and display advertisers are already bidding for and managing their campaign. So small businesses can treat video ads as just another campaign that they're running with Google, rather than something big and scary. It could be particularly useful for the ones that already have a big presence on YouTube that they'd like to promote. Specifically, AdWords for Video allows you to buy Google's TrueView ad units, which can appear in YouTube videos, alongside search results, and in the company's display network. read more..

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