Friday 27 April 2012

Sebastian Thrun-Project-Google

Google’s Project Glass: An Exercise In Mediocrity?

So Google X founder Sebastian Thrun was on Charlie Rose last night showing off his latest creation, Project Glass. Which, if you haven't seen by now, is quite possibly one of the most ambitious consumer products to come out of the Googleplex in recent memory. But until Thrun's appearance on Rose, we didn't actually know how the glasses would work other than the sizzle reel that was put together earlier this month.A couple of things struck me as odd, though. Thrun never actually gave any voice commands during his demo of the glasses, while in the video everything was driven by voice. But that's not what has me worried about Project Glass. During the interview, Thrun snapped a photo of Rose and uploaded it to his Google+ account. So far, it appears to work as advertised but take a look at the image quality and tell me whether or not it's acceptable in this day and age. It's not, it's terrible. read more..

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