Monday 30 April 2012

Implementation-Apple Tv-Airplay

No, AirPlay Is Not The New Apple TV

If you asked your mom or dad what DLNA or UPnP stood for or did, would they just look at you weird? While the two technologies enable users to wirelessly beam content to Internet Connected TVs from their tablets, phones, and computers, Apple’s AirPlay is the first implementation that makes the experience seamless. Tap the button again and playback resumes on your root device. No complicated setup is required - it simply works.Some, like Bloomberg and Hunter Walk, have suggested that AirPlay is Apple TV, and that Apple will simply license AirPlay to the major Connected TV manufactures - and by default every Connected TV sold will be an "Apple TV" - the remote being your iPhone or iPad. It's certainly a sensible theory - there are 250 M+ iOS devices, and with the upcoming OS X update, laptops can now leverage Airplay as well. That's over 300M Apple devices that can push content to TVs. read more..

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