Sunday 25 December 2011

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Is it snowing on YouTube? Why, yes, yes it is! Type 'let it snow' in the search...

Is it snowing on Youtube? Why, yes, yes it is! Type "let it snow" in the Search Bar or click on the snowflake button in the video player and get ready for a seasonal surprise.Let it snow - YouTubeSource: read more..

New Rick Perry Ad Lambasted on YouTube, Facebook

Rick Perry's latest advertisement, a 30-second YoutubeVideo entitled "Strong," is receiving a barrage of Negative Attention from Internet users. The video, uploaded Tuesday, Dec. 6, has now been viewed nearly 750,000 times. Roughly 4,000 users (2% of responders) liked it -- while 192,000 (98%) disliked the ad. read more..

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