Sunday 18 December 2011

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10 chilling super-nerdy snow sculptures

By Sean FallonNerd Approved  If there's one thing that I miss about living in an area that sees Snowy, Wintry Weather, it's making snowmen. I mean, it just doesn't feel right to make a snowman out of dirt while wearing shorts. read more..

NBA Fan's Twitter Stunt Lands Him Job With Team

On Friday, Mashable brought you the story of two Nba Fans who took it upon themselves to help out their Favorite Team on Twitter, only to receive a legally threatening email. By the end of the day, though, the fans had traded in the Twitter accounts they created for box seats to the Philadelphia 76ers' home opener and season tickets. read more..

Twitter Rolls Out Its New Self

Twitter has unveiled a new design that changes how those 140-character bursts of insight and information are used, discovered, and monetized for consumers and businesses. The new approaches are also intended to make the experience relatively uniform across the various devices on which Twitter is used, whether computers or mobile devices. read more..

Twine: The Revolutionary Box That Can Make Your Appliances Tweet

The day when your washer emails you to say your clothes are clean and your basement tweets when it’s flooding is closer than we thought, and it doesn’t look at all as expected. Instead of multiple connected Appliances, such a system relies on a tiny WiFi-connected box called Twine. read more..

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