Sunday 18 December 2011

Top Browser Spotif-Internet Explorer-Somali Militia-Militant Group-Companion

Chrome 15 overtakes IE 8 for top browser spot

If you're reading this on Chrome, you're part of a wave that has ditched Internet Explorer or Firefox and helped vault Google's browser to the top Web browser spot worldwide. read more..

Kenya army, Somali militia swap Twitter insults

Kenyan soldiers and members of an extremist Islamist Militant Group have been fighting each other in Somalia since Kenya invaded two months ago. Now, their spokesmen are taking the battle onto Twitter, with taunts, accusations and insults being directly traded in a rare engagement on the Internet. read more..

Police alerted to Ind. deaths by Facebook post

Police are investigating whether a breakup prompted a Fort Wayne man to shoot and kill his ex-girlfriend and a friend of hers before killing himself — a scene authorities say they were alerted to when a woman thousands of miles away called police after seeing a chilling Facebook posting. read more..

Facebook Post Reveals Murder-Suicide

A man who confessed on Facebook to killing his ex-girlfriend, her companion and then killing himself was furious because the woman had dumped him, has learned. Erin Jehl, 19, and her friend Ryann Tipton, 19, were shot to death when they stopped by his house to pick up... read more..

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