Thursday 1 March 2012

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Seamless brings food ordering to the iPad

I've been a big fan of Grubhub for years -- it's a website (and an iPhone app) that allows you to search through delivery menus from your area, and then order food right there online (or just call up any places you find, and order your food up over the phone). When I lived in Chicago, I found so many great delivery places that I never would have known existed otherwise. And even out here in Los Angeles, while there are plenty of places right around me to try already, I've found Grubhub helpful. I've never actually used Seamless, which appears to be the same kind of thing. But Seamless now does have one thing that Grubhub doesn't, and that's an iPad app. The new Seamless iPad app features all of the restaurants and services that the standard website offers, all wrapped up in a pretty solid iPad app experience. It's not really anything new, especially if you've already used the website (and as with all of these services, you need to live in an area that they cover, which means a larger metropolitan region), but it's free, and if you're a user of services like this already, it might be more convenient. Plus (and perhaps this says a little too much about me, my laziness, and the fact that I should probably cook for myself more), I just think it's awesome to be able to order up dinner straight from your iPad while sitting on the couch. We're living in the future here, people! Show full PR text "Show me the menus!" Seamless transforms the world of delivery and takeout with the launch of its iPad App The Seamless iPad App makes it even easier to order from local restaurants, anytime, anywhere New York, NY - February 28, 2012 - Seamless (, the leading mobile and online service for ordering delivery and takeout food from more than 8,000 top restaurants in the US and UK, today announced the release of its iPad App. Now available free on the App Store, the Seamless iPad App allows existing and new members to tap and swipe their way to ordering delicious delivery and takeout, anytime and anywhere. The iPad App is a groundbreaking addition to Seamless' suite of mobile apps for restaurant delivery and takeout, currently available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users. The apps and company website provide a closed-loop experience, allowing Seamless' more than one million members the ability to access local restaurant information and place orders. Showcasing an enhanced set of features exclusive to iPad, Seamless' iPad App makes it easy for members to find and order exactly what they're looking for. After opening the app, members choose between "I'll have the usual" and "Show me the menus," two pathways that were designed specifically around the most common iPad use cases. "I'll have the usual" gives members the ability to browse their unified order history (from iPad, mobile, and web) and quickly re-order the same items or visit a favorite restaurant to try a different dish. "Show me the menus" allows members to explore restaurant choices and decide where and what to eat, utilizing features like cuisine filters, estimated delivery times, order minimums, ratings, reviews, discounts, and more. "Mobile is a key business driver for Seamless, with more than 25 percent of orders already being placed through our iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps," said Jonathan Zabusky, CEO of Seamless. "We expect that the launch of our iPad App will further accelerate mobile order growth and extend our leadership position as the nation's largest and most innovative food ordering company. The Seamless iPad App enhances our robust mobile offering and enables us to continue to deliver on our mission to bring food happiness to our members, and drive new customer and sales growth to our more than 8,000 restaurant partners." Developed from the ground up to take advantage of the most sophisticated features within iOS 5, the Seamless iPad App offers graphically rich animations and a conve read more..

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