Monday 2 April 2012

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Dirty Pillows: The Unsolved Problems Of Sharing Services

When my wife and I travel, we rarely stay in hotels. We usually either stay in hostels or apartments. The apartments are usually found and booked on Airbnb. We’re big fans of the service, and think it’s one of the best ways to experience a foreign city. However, some recent events have made me think a bit deeper about this maturing marketplace and the whole spectrum of collaborative consumption services.We are currently on a trip to Tokyo for an speaking engagement and some mentoring of the teams at Open Network Lab, a Tokyo-based incubator I wrote about last fall during our last Tokyo visit.Last night, we arrived to our apartment. The amenities and space was almost exactly as described. But there was something about our place that didn’t appear in the Airbnb description, which almost made us walk out immediately: the cleanliness of the bedding. read more..

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