Monday 30 January 2012

10 Hysterical Political Parodies-Fellow Columnist Thomas Friedman-Cartoon Characters

Paul Krugman Isn't Trying to Start a Twitter War with Tom Friedman

Twitter sort of exploded on Friday when a tweet purportedly from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggesting that his paper drop fellow columnist Thomas Friedman needed. It turned out to be a fake, and the real Krugman isn't happy about the Twitter shenanigans. Krugman told The Atlantic Wire in an email, "It's another fake. I don't use Twitter -- all I have is automatic notification of blog posts." He followed up a few minutes later, "Oh, just to say that I must be pretty effective if people think they have to invent stuff to discredit. ... read more..

10 Hysterical Political Parodies on Twitter

There are countless parody accounts on Twitter -- musicians, celebrities, cartoon characters and religious figures can all grace your feed with their presence. The most entertaining parodies, however, may be those of politicians around the world. read more..

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