Monday 16 January 2012

Golden Globes-Dinner Party

Tequila Shots, All Around

In the onslaught of fashion hype and fancy-dress events that characterizes awards season in Hollywood, red-carpet fatigue is all but inevitable. Happily, T magazine's Golden Globes dinner party Wednesday night—a low-key affair without the usual arrivals gauntlet of popping flashbulbs or clipboard-wielding harpies—offered a welcome antidote. For the second year in a row, the party, hosted by Sally Singer and Jacob Brown, was held at the Gardens of Taxco, an old-school Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood that's more kitschy than glamorous. Taxco's signature quirk is that there are no menus; instead, waiters recite, at length, florid descriptions of every dish served. After one minutes-long spiel had been delivered, Jake Hoffman, who'd been canoodling with Shiva Rose, joked, "Can you go over that again? I wasn't listening." With an eclectic, multigenerational guest list—among the attendees were Hoffman's parents, Dustin and Lisa, Geena Davis, Les Moonves and Julie Chen, Jessica Chastain, Sasha Spielberg, Miranda Kerr, Judy Greer, and Martha Plimpton—the overall vibe was more "family dinner" than "industry event." During the evening, a few of the kids occasionally ducked outside for cigarettes, including Elisabeth Moss, who'd come with her mom. Asked what she'd be wearing to the Globes, the Mad Men star, looking vintage va-va-va-voom in a formfitting white Cushnie et Ochs dress, said, "Oh, I won't be going to the Globes this year—we weren't eligible because we skipped a season." Instead, the actress will be packing for her upcoming five-month stint in New Zealand, where she'll be making a film with director Jane Campion. Had Moss hung around a few minutes later, she could have collected some travel tips from Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie. In town to accept a Critics' Choice Award for his songwriting work on The Muppets, McKenzie compared notes with Rashida Jones, who plays a hard-nosed TV exec in the film. "I manhandled Kermit!" laughed the actress. As the dinner plates were exchanged for tequila shots, Singer table-hopped to ensure all were enjoying themselves. Stopping at McKenzie's booth, she inquired if the music was too loud, to which the comedian replied, "No—it's perfect."—Pauline O'Connor read more..

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