Monday 23 January 2012

Patricia Clarkson-Margaret Thatcher-Anne Hathaway-Ellen Barkin-Albert Nobbs

Star Turns

There are few actresses on the same playing field as Meryl Streep and Glenn Close, and coincidence or not, the two stars had dueling premieres in New York last night for their roles in The Iron Lady and Albert Nobbs, respectively. Streep fans including Anne Hathaway, Patricia Clarkson, and Ellen Barkin turned up at the Ziegfeld Theatre to catch the actress' portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. "When I first met Meryl, we went to see her in her New York apartment, and I think I held my breath for about three hours," the film's screenwriter, Abi Morgan, told at the Veuve Clicquot- and Salvatore Ferragamo-hosted screening. "Literally, it was to the point where I had to lie down in the elevator when we left, because it's just incredible being with an actress of that caliber—it's quite mind-blowing." After the Cinema Society and Giorgio Armani-hosted Albert Nobbs screening at MoMA, guests including Viola Davis, Patti Smith, and Lou Reed were saying the same thing about Close. "Her passion and dedication to her work is just incredible, and it was especially crazy to watch her wear three hats: screenwriter, producer, and actor, all at once," co-star Mia Wasikowska said. Close herself admitted the road to becoming the superstar she is today wasn't all that easy: "I was terrible at auditions," she said, referring to her original audition for the Albert Nobbs musical. "But then I went to an acting coach, worked hard, and got better at it." Indeed. Both actresses received SAG nods this morning for their performances.—Kristin Studeman read more..

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