Tuesday 31 January 2012

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[LIVE NOW] Your Interview With President Obama. http://goo.gl/mV0kt

[LIVE NOW] Your Interview With President Obama. http://goo.gl/mV0ktLive From The White House: Your Interview With President ObamaSource: pub.vitrue.comYou asked, and today President Obama will answer a selection of your top-voted YouTube questions from the West Wing of the White House. For the first-time ever, the entire interview will be conducted virtually through a Google+ Hangout. read more..

Twitter Is Not a Media Company, CEO Says

"Twitter is not a media company," Twitter CEO Dick Costolo declared on stage at AllThingsD's media conference in Laguna Nigel, CA, Monday evening. The statement was surprising given that Twitter defines itself as a "microblogging service," one used largely for the distribution of news, entertainment and other communications. read more..

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