Friday 13 January 2012

American Airlines-Wireless Device-Alec Baldwin-Imposters-30 Rock

iPhone sleep clock will track your zzzzz's

Ever wonder how many hours of good zzzzz's you're really getting a night? Now there's a way to track that information, with the non-invasive Renew SleepClock, which uses a combination of an iPhone app and wireless device. read more..

Alec Baldwin Rejoined Twitter To Put A Stop To Imposters; Actor Still Having 'A Lot Of Fun' Filming '30 Rock'

Alec Baldwin famously resigned from Twitter following his feud with American Airlines last month, but after just a few weeks off, the "30 Rock" star began Tweeting, yet again.According to the actor, he returned to the social media networking site because of the high number of Alec Baldwin Twitter imposters. read more..

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