Sunday 29 January 2012

Dance Experience-Wallis Simpson-Madonna

Shall W.E. Dance?

Even the world's biggest stars aren't exempt from criticism—especially from their daughters. "This one time, she said to me, 'Mom, that [outfit] is totally inappropriate. No one will take you seriously as a director—you can't wear that,' " Madonna said last night at the Ziegfeld Theatre, where the Cinema Society was hosting its second New York screening of her Wallis-and-Windsor biopic W.E. If clothes make the director, they also make the star—and according to Andrea Riseborough, who plays Wallis Simpson, it was the fashion of the film that helped her bring to life the character she plays on screen. "There was one brooch that reminded me so much of the Duchess—it actually belonged to her," she told before the screening. "It was kind of evoking her spirit throughout the whole filming." Maybe it was a good luck charm, too: This morning, costume designer (and longtime Madonna stylist) Arianne Phillips was nominated for an Oscar for her work. Directing done, it's back to the day job for Madonna. She's currently preparing for her Super Bowl halftime performance. "I am really nervous," she admitted. But as one of her stars, actor James D'Arcy, reminded us, she's a pro—it's her partners who should be nervous. "Dancing for one of the most famous dancers in the world with very little dance experience—that was the sweatiest it got," he said of filming one of the movie's sequences. "At one point, I made myself dance with her for three seconds just to say I had danced with Madonna."—Kristin Studeman read more..

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