Sunday 22 January 2012


Facebook Perfects the Rollout with Open Graph

After years of user complaints about site redesigns and new features, Facebook has figured out ways to minimize damage with its latest overhaul, Open Graph. Yesterday evening, Facebook introduced a feature that will change the way we Facebook, as we noted the other day. Adding new verbs to the mix, Facebook now asks users to (frictionlessly) share all of their actions, including cooking (Foodspotting), running (Nike+) and pinning (Pinterest), to name a few. This will get in the way of the News Feed and requires all users to have Timeline, another big change. ... read more..

Twitter users unknowingly take part in Anonymous DDOS attack

Several New Zealand governmental websites have been taken offline in the continued retaliation by self styled "hacktivist" group Anonymous as DDOS links are spread among unknowing Twitter users. read more..

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